Fishing using by spoon can be said that it is the origin lure fishing, it has been rapidly evolving since the 1970's in japan.
Especially East Japan is blessed with rich natural, there is Japan's leading lakes and rivers. There a wide variety of fish inhabits from rainbow trout until Japan-specific trout.
There are lakes and rivers that were blessed with its rich natural and many fish species in East Japan, VOGUE spoon was born.
Weight and color of VOGUE spoon corresponds to a variety of fields from pond fishing, river fishing to lake fishing and also salmon fishing. Please try 100% Japan-born VOGUE spoon in your field. You also will be able to be get excellence of VOGUE spoon and amazing fishing result.

VOGUE explorer

VOGUE EXPLORER is fishing clothing that was born for the angler.
We are currently planning a variety of products.



Special gears for VOGUE spoon, Jig case, etc., we will continue to plan a variety of products in the future.
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VOGUE will be support the people who love fishing and nature.
And we will continue to create products that meet the needs of anglers


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