New Fishing Gear Brand VOGUE, rising at JAPAN

2015 autumn new fishing gear brand was born from the land of rising Sun. Speaking of the Land of the Rising Sun, it's Japan.
The new brand was born in the Japan. That's the VOGUE FISH
We will continue to promote a satisfying product development of reliable quality and customer from now.
Please look forward to the future of VOGUE FISH.

Featured Products

  We will release the three types of spoon on 2015 autumn.
 1. PRIMAIRE Series for all fields.
 2. REAV Series for tough condition.
 3. ALFA Series for pond (aria) fishing.
 4. SAKA7 Special Spoon for Salmon fishing new
 There is a wide range of color and weight.
 For more information, please visit the products page.

New Products

VOGUE will be support the people who love fishing and nature.
And we will continue to create products that meet the needs of anglers


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